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  • Jason Hesley


In the sewers and cellars, far from the light, the dark, forgotten tunnels have been claimed by new rulers. Hunters and haunters, bestial predators that exist on the edge of urban myth and nightmare, they wade through excrement and death as they stalk their hellish kingdoms. They rule the shadows from thrones of bone, chewing on filth and feasting on rot, warped gods of brutish power and explosive violence. As untouched by morality as the rays of the sun they are the lords of the underworld, kings of the slithering, the twisted and the lost...

Four rabid attacks, four blows of the colossal onslaught of brutal death! Comatose Music have brought together four imposing monsters from the furthest extremes of death metal to create Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty – a twelve track split album of unprecedented savagery and hideous intent.

First strike! From Texas, Kill Everything deliver three tracks of grotesque, relentless bludgeoning. Hostile, inhuman and punishing, these songs are the very definition of bestial brutality.

Disembowelling thrust! The Quebecois killing machine NecroticGoreBeast attack with massive slabs of riff power, delivered with wicked precision and unfathomable force. Technical brilliance and calculated song craft take their three songs to the next level of intensity.

Skull shattering impact! Chicago’s Virulent Excision combine thick, bloody riffs and domineering vocals, injecting them with violent velocity and daubing them in pure hate.

Final fatal cut! Featuring the diseased vocal exhortations of the legendary Larry Wang, Taiwanese lunatics Gorepot add insane humour to their thudding sonic detonations and dirty, addictive riffs. Utterly irreverent and brutal to the bone!

Housed in the awesome artwork of Aziz Blcxstry, which references previous album covers from all the bands involved in its montage of madness, Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty will be unleashed by Comatose Music on August 19th. This is an essential release for all devoted followers of brutal death metal, all those addicted to the ultimate expression of extremity and sheer bloody heaviness. Four distinct styles of brutality slug it out in a no-holds-barred fight to the death – a feast of blood, gore and disgust!

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