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  • Jason Hesley

KILJIN announces release of, "Some Kind of Monster" and new band member.

A lot has happened with KILJIN over the last few months. After adding a new addition to the band, rhythm guitarist Jeremy Keeler, the group then released their inner creature in the form of a brand-new single called, "Some Kind of Monster". And this creature is ready to attack with a prefect blend of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock that will satisfy both urges. The hard hitting of the tom drums as well as the double kick really stands out, as do the heavy guitar riffs and meaty bass lines. The signature lead vocal in this track creates a lot of intense moments with strong and powerful harmonies and melodies. The evil laughter adds to the personality of this track. Of course, a KILJIN song would not be complete without a mind ripping lead guitar solo that will set new standards of heavy metal madness.

"Some Kind of Monster" can be found on all of your favorite streaming devices and platforms OR by clicking the link below:

KILJIN is Trevor Aumaugher, Bryant Aumaugher, Tony Aumaugher, Jeremy Keeler

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