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  • Jason Hesley

Keygen Church: Futuristic Orchestral/Baroque Metal Project Issues Single for “Nel Nome Del Codice” Title Track!

As KEYGEN CHURCH prepares to release its stunning Nel Nome Del Codice full-length on March 22nd via Metal Blade Records, the second single from the record – its essential title track – has been issued in both audio and visual formats.

KEYGEN CHURCH is the brainchild of technologist/songwriter Victor Love (Vittorio D’Amore). Love, also of 8-bit phenoms Master Boot Record (MBR), is a one-person outfit, writing, and recording via undisclosed real-time stream events, where the dedicated (and lucky) bear witness to KEYGEN CHURCH‘s spontaneous creative process. Like previous alt code/text art-titled albums ░ ▒ ▓ █(2022) and ░█░█░░█░█░█░ (2022), Nel Nome Del Codice is a modern-primitive love letter to doom/gothic/black metal with foundations in Baroque-era Classical and Romantic-era music. This time, however, Love has refined his sonic tool kit – “the complete set of sounds,” he says – the aftereffect of which is computerized big-hall libations like “La Chiave Del Mio Amor,” “Nel Nome Del Codice,” and “Lode Al Disco Sacro.”

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