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  • Jason Hesley

Kekal unveil the official music video for the track "Speed Of God" from upcoming reissue album!

Indonesia’s Kekal are excited to announce the re-issue of their 11th full-length album “Deeper Underground,” in a completely revamped 2023 Updated Edition! Scheduled for release on May 24, 2023, the updated album features remastered tracks, new mixes, updated vocals and lyrics for “Sanity Away From Sanity,” a bonus track, and a striking new cover artwork by former member Levi Sianturi. Dive deeper into Kekal‘s unique blend of Extreme Metal, Progressive Rock, and Electronic music as they continue to push boundaries and explore existential themes.

To celebrate the re-issue, Kekal has released a brand-new music video for “Speed Of God,” showcasing the immense energy and creativity that have defined the band since its inception in 1995. Video can be watched on YouTube:

The 2023 Updated Edition of “Deeper Underground” will be re-issued on CD by Bali-based Sadist Records, a label dedicated to supporting independent bands and active in the Indonesian underground Metal scene since the late 1990s. The digital download version will also be available on Kekal‘s Bandcamp page, replacing the original 2018 release.

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