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  • Jason Hesley

Kekal to release "Eternitarian" on 3 March 2023!

"Eternitarian" is a best-of compilation album from Kekal. It features 31 tracks clocking at almost 3 hours spanning 27 years worth of Kekal's music, with select material taken from the band's entire 13 full-length albums, 3 EPs, and also their very first 1995 demo tape. Presented in this free or donation-based digital-download only release are the band’s old-time favourites as well as highlights from newer material and previously unreleased alternate-mixes.

This is a special release that has been requested frequently because there are music lovers out there that have some interest in checking out Kekal but haven't got a chance to hear the music yet (and don't know where to start), also the majority of Kekal's regular listeners tend to listen only one particular "era" of the band. "Eternitarian" serves the purpose of introducing the entire Kekal's discography with highlights from every album and EPs from their 90s period to 2022. It is not only limited to work as a mere introductory sampler. It can also work as an 'essential' Kekal playlist because every track is carefully picked based on listeners' favourites and reviewers' “best picks”.

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