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  • Jason Hesley

KATAPULT: Melodeath/thrashers’ release “Sweetheart Come” video!

Swedish/Swiss melodeath/thrash combo Katapult unleashes the video for “Sweetheart Come,” once again created by the band’s visual wizards Florian Moritz and Johan Norström. The song deals with the heartbreaking story of German outsider artist Emma Hauck and the letters she wrote to her husband while she was institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital. Unfortunately, the letters were never sent.

The track “Sweetheart Come” is a part of Katapult’s debut album, Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes, released last November via Discouraged Records. With the album, the band has made a lasting impression with its aggressive energy, impressive chops, and intelligent songwriting, which has received praise from the press worldwide.

Speaking of the song, singer Johan Norström states:

“The story behind ‘Sweetheart Come’ is based on the real letters written by Emma Hauck, while she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital because of schizophrenia. The story is terribly dark, the letters repeat the term ‘Herzensschatzi komm’ which translates to ‘Sweetheart come.’ The skeleton for the lyrics have been with me for years, but it wasn’t until I received the first draft of the song that I found a fitting musical outlet for the story. We chose to visualize the song as a depiction of what Mrs. Hauck’s reality might have been like, locked into a small room, with the dream that one day her husband would come to get her back home as her only companion.”

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