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  • Jason Hesley

KALEDON release video for "Eye of the Storm"

Alex Mele of KALEDON comments on the 🆕 single: "It's hard to describe in words how extremely happy and proud I am about the outcome of "CH7: Evil Awakens".

We already released ‘The Dawn of Dawns’ and here comes the second single ’The Eye Of The Storm’ which shows the energy and the power of the new album. The sheer power of this new song is mind-blowing!"

Mainly composed by him in 2018 and early 2019, mainman and guitarist Alex Mele now presents the direct thematic album follow-up to 2010's "Chapter VI: The Last Night On The Battlefield"!

And the Roman string wizard has truly made the most of his creative time for KALEDON - "Chapter VII - Evil Awakens" is the most elaborate, versatile and ultimately on all levels most content-rich work of the persistently highly ambitious formation to date. The consistently gripping concept album also offers lyrically all-around captivating thematic material of the most visionary:

In it, the evil creature Mozul returns from his supposed death to once again bring pain and suffering to the mighty dominion of Kaledon. The entire story can be found in the lovingly designed CD booklet. The latest POWER METAL spectacle of the enormously charismatic band around the even more fantastic singer Michele 'Meek' Guaitoli opens the first chapter of a new trilogy - yes, also theatrically KALEDON can grandiose in all their virtuosity! In the next few years the playful Italians will release chapters 8 and 9.

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