• Jason Hesley

KAFIRUN drop the track, "The Seed, The Serpent, The Scythe"

The dank caverns of black metal are populated with plenty of bands obsessed with both the darkness of life and the evil side of religion. But only a few of those bands back up their music with consistency and realism. Kafirun are one of those bands. Their dizzying brand of black metal is meant to draw the listener into hypnotic submission, so their mind can be opened and their will corrupted. - Bandcamp Daily

Kafirun falls under the Black Metal genre. Not in the pure/raw BM sense though. More in the sound of Blackened Death, Dissonant, Occult, Aggressive BM. The band was established in 2014. They are located in Vancouver BC Canada. They have released material via labels from Italy, Germany, Australia, Poland, US and Israel.

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