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Kaald offers a dark yet melodious exploration of the human psyche through their latest single.

United Kingdom's emerging Melodic Doom Metal band, Kaald, has released their highly anticipated single, "Short Breath", on June 30, 2023. Known for their distinct blend of sombre, captivating melodies and the traditional Doom Metal sound, Kaald takes listeners on a profound journey of life's fleeting moments in this new release.

"Short Breath" follows in the wake of the band's successful debut singles, "Dear Solitude" and "Join Us". Now, Kaald returns with a track that encapsulates the poignant reflections that might occupy one's mind in the waning moments of life, with the surroundings becoming progressively thinner and colder.

As drummer Chris Williams explains, the creative process behind this new release was aimed at recapturing "the bleak, dark feel with melodic beauty". In a world where many metal bands are exploring complex arrangements and virtuosic playing, Kaald has chosen to anchor their sound in song structures and single melodic principles. This stripped-back approach pays homage to albums like "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" and "Judgement", which have inspired the band members since their early entry into the scene.

The lyricism of "Short Breath" offers a unique exploration of a recurring nightmare of suffocation, portraying an eerie scenario of literal breathlessness. "I always envisage being trapped in some kind of capsule in outer space where the air is slipping away and something toxic is seeping in slowly causing me to lose consciousness," shared Williams. He hopes that listeners will connect with this harrowing scene and the existential anxiety it elicits.

This release marks an important milestone in the band's artistic evolution. Williams describes "Short Breath" as the heaviest of their three singles, stating that the "layers of melody and vocal harmony along with the powerful and syncopated riffs are elements of our sound we are keen to explore further". This is a hint of what's to come on their debut EP 'Someone, Something, Somewhere' due for release later in the summer of 2023.

Kaald is a consolidation of the diverse musical experiences of its members. Williams and Stu Norman (vocals/lead guitar) have been part of the scene for a while, having formed bands like Desolation, Plainview, and Then Silence. With Kaald, they've found their musical home, a space where they can express deep emotional and psychological themes that resonate universally.

"Short Breath" was recorded and produced by Kaald and Danny Cross at Sankofa Recording Studios, UK. The mixing was handled by Danny Cross, and the mastering was done by Tim Turan at Turan Audio.

Fans of Katatonia, Insomnium, Anathema, Opeth, Novembre, and Alcest will find themselves at home in the emotional exploration and melodic richness that Kaald offers. As the band embarks on this new venture, they invite listeners to partake in a fresh approach to a classic genre.

Join Kaald in their journey to the depths of human emotion and experience through their latest release, "Short Breath".

Stream the track here: Short Breath!

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