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  • Jason Hesley

Just One Fix – New Zealand Thrashers Share Entire New EP "Submit Or Death"

New Zealand based thrashers Just One Fix today share their entire new EP "Submit or Death", just a few days ahead of the release date set for this Friday, May 6th.

The full EP is now playing at No Clean Singing, who had this to say about the EP "...the maniacs in Just One Fix know how to write actual songs, and they’re damned good performers too — even if they’d scare away the sharks in the waters they inhabit.

And with all that frothy verbiage out of the way, we’ll leave you to the abundance of thrills provided by the diabolically exceptional thrash of Submit Or Death."

Comprised of six new songs, "Submit or Death", is the first studio offering from Just One Fix since 2014’s "Let Them Hate .​.​. So Long As They Fear" and the first to feature new drummer Ross Curtain (ex-Enoch & Silent Torture).

With three full length albums and a litany of live shows to their credit, the band’s evolution has seen them grow from their groove/thrash roots to incorporate elements of death and doom metal and has led to the band’s tracks being featured around the world on radio, TV and compilation albums.

Crushing live shows and the ability to drive crowds to the next level has been rewarded with guest appearances on bills with Sepultura, Megadeth, Death Angel, Korn, Hellyeah, Fear Factory, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Label Society, Chimaira, Serj Tankian, Bullet For My Valentine and many more.

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