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  • Jason Hesley


JUDICATOR are today premiering their new single, The Black Elk, and its accompanying lyric video via New Noise Magazine. The Black Elk is the third track to be taken from the US power metal bands forthcoming sixth studio album, The Majesty of Decay, which is set for release on November 25 via Prosthetic Records.

The Black Elk will be available on all streaming platforms this Friday (November 4). Pre-order The Majesty of Decay here.

Speaking on the premiere, John Yelland (vocals) comments: "I wrote The Black Elk during a heavy Hypocrisy phase. I couldn't get enough of 'End of Disclosure' and 'A Taste of Extreme Divinity'. So, The Black Elk is my take on Hypocrisy being put through a power metal lens. This is actually a trend for other songs on the new album. For example, Ursa Minor was written during a Belphegor phase ('Blood Magick Necromance') and Daughter of Swords was written during a Cannibal Corpse phase ('A Skeletal Domain')

"Speaking to The Black Elk in particular though, in short, the song is about coming to terms with one's insecurities about being a father, and a son. This heavy metal anthem is for everyone who has daddy issues!"

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