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Jesus Piece Sign To Century Media Records, Release New Single / Video “An Offering To The Night”

Jesus Piece Sign To Century Media Records, Release New Single / Video “An Offering To The Night” in Collaboration with noahclothing__

JESUS PIECE isn’t merely the sum of its parts. It’s the nexus for an explosive creative chemistry between the bands’ five founding members who have channeled their love for old school metalcore, hardcore and death metal into a sound that’s as furious as it is oblique. The band gallantly broke into the scene in 2015, turning heads for their frantic, feral live shows and grandiose, melodic songwriting which has since cemented them as standard stirrers and boundary-breakers.

“An Offering To The Night” is caustic and an exercise in tension-and-release riffage from the guitar team of David Updike and John DiStefano. Bassist Anthony Marinaro and drummer Luis Aponte (LU2K)’s groove-work is as off-kilter as it is distinct and bombastic. At the heart of it all, vocalist Aaron Heard brings the pain with blunt force mental trauma.

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The single is a spectacular preview into Jesus Piece’s second act and a passage to something more intense and personal for the five Pennsylvania natives. “An Offering To The Night” is available today on all digital platforms via Century Media and comes alongside a raw video directed by Eric Richter which you can watch today over at Noah.

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To coincide with the release of “An Offering To The Night”, Jesus Piece is also releasing a limited edition collection with NYC based clothing brand, Noah. The collaboration includes a made in USA pleated jean, striped rugby, hoodie, skate deck, tote and long and short sleeve tees, all with various Jesus Piece logos and graphics. The collection will be available online at and in-store at Noah Flagship, DSM LA and London this Thursday, December 8.

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