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  • Jason Hesley

JAUE Unveils 'Cantos del Sur Salvaje' On CD!

JAUE, the melodic pagan black metal band from Colombia (El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia), has unleashed the epic new album Cantos del Sur Salvaje on CD. Co-released via Satanath Records and Exhumed Records, the music explores ancestral sounds and voices from ancient cultures of the world.

The project's name,JAUE, is the name of a spirit that can take the form of any animal. Led by Julián 'Thanatos', known in the metal world for being the composer of the band VITAM ET MORTEM, the music is likened to a modern BATHORY but the lyrics talk about Latino America territory, ancient gods, spirits, animals and power places. Cantos del Sur Salvaje embarks on a dynamic and varied journey with different tracks showcasing the breadth of creativity and style influences that manifest within JAUE's sound. The opening track, "A vuelo de cóndor", leans more heavily into folk instrumentation and intertwines haunting instrumental and choral harmonies amidst the heavy. This is greatly contrasted with "Guerrero Mapuche" which opens in a furry of intense, fast-paced guitars and aggressive harsh vocals. "Espíritu jaguar" differs again with an eerie intimate intro before breaking into a more hardrock-esque rhythmic progression.

Purchase Cantos del Sur Salvaje here:

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