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  • Jason Hesley

Japanese "Samurai Metal" Band RYUJIN Signs Worldwide Contract with Napalm Records!

Formerly known as Gyze, Japanese "samurai metal" band RYUJIN have been reborn - signing a worldwide contract with premier rock and metal empire Napalm Records to usher them into their new era! RYUJIN rises to carry heavy metal from Japan to the masses around the world. With high speed riffs and breakneck guitar descents paired with traditional music from their home country, RYUJIN creates a sound unknown in the west. After four highly acclaimed albums and worldwide appearances at large festivals, RYUJIN have developed their own identity, expressed with accents of traditional Japanese instruments and lead guitarist Ryoji Shinomoto's incredible shredding technique and ripping vocals. Napalm Records is thrilled to have RYUJIN join its growing roster - stay tuned for more news, coming soon! RYUJIN mastermind Ryoji Shinomoto says: "We have a very GRATEFUL announcement on behalf of RYUJIN (ex-Gyze): Like a Phoenix from the ashes… GYZE has become RYUJIN! Matthew Kiichi Heafy from Trivium is our manager, producer, mentor. We are proud to have just signed a worldwide deal with the amazing Napalm Records. We are ready to make this band a worldwide-known act; and to bring happiness and excitement to everyone around the globe. The name RYUJIN comes from the Japanese Dragon God King with the same name. In Japanese lore, Ryujin freely moves heaven and earth, moves the clouds, blows the wind, and makes it rain. The Dragon God King also controls the flow of weather, ocean currents, and geothermal heat. We can’t wait for you to hear the music we’ve been working on." Trivium frontman and RYUJIN manager Matthew Kiichi Heafy adds: "It is my incredible honor to announce that I am officially working with the newly reincarnated form of Gyze, RYUJIN, for management, production, and mentoring. Ryujin is the Japanese king of the dragons - and the namesake of this for the band is nothing but appropriate. Ryoji is one of the most talented human beings I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Whether it's his monstrous screaming, powerful singing, other-worldly guitar playing, or his masterful songwriting - he is a musical force of nature. This album is going to be mind blowing." Sebastian Muench, A&R, Napalm Records says: "We have been following the exciting career of RYUJIN (former Gyze) for many years and believe that their style of Japanese Melodic Death Metal is simply amazing. We are happy to work with RYUJIN, along with Matthew Kiichi Heafy, on the new album release and to break the band in the global market."

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