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  • Jason Hesley

January release: ANDRACCA - To Bare the Weight of Death!

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

"To Bare the Weight of Death," the upcoming release from UK black metal band ANDRACCA, is a deep and introspective album that delves into themes of grief, despair, and the acceptance of mortality. Across six tracks, the album recounts a journey from the depths of sorrow to a reconciliation with death, both in its physical and metaphysical forms. The album is characterized by its honest and emotive expression, capturing the varying stages of grief, from intense despair to the eventual life-affirming acceptance of death. Each track reflects on the band's personal experiences and struggles with loss, offering listeners an immersive and cathartic journey. Described as a unification of life and death, the album is a triumph of resilience and will, inviting listeners to embrace their own lives with renewed vigor. ANDRACCA's "To Bare the Weight of Death" resonates with fans of 2nd wave black metal, showcasing their dedication to the genre while exploring profound existential themes.


  1. To Bear the Weight of Death - 06:44

  2. Rise, or be Forever Fall'n - 06:21

  3. Oceans of Fire - 06:46

  4. Antithesis of Hope - 06:52

  5. Lamentation of Divinity - 06:08

  6. Hollow Altars - 05:51

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