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  • Jason Hesley

Italian progressive metallers Even Flow reveal their new lyric video, 'Revelation Day'

Formed in the late ‘90s by guitarist Pietro Paolo Lunesu and his brother, drummer Giorgio Lunesu, Even Flow announced themselves to the world with their 2008 EP, Dream Weaver. The Italians quickly established themselves as purveyors of magnificent progressive metal, balancing technical wizardry with finely crafted songs, rich in melody and emotion. Each of their subsequent releases has seen the band reaching new peaks, refining their art and opening up new horizons – something that has never been truer than on new EP Mediterraneo...

Today, September 20th, Even Flow have unveiled a new lyric video for the song 'Revelation Day', from the Mediterraneo EP. Speaking about 'Revelation Day' to Breathing The Core Pietro said,

"The 'Revelation Day' lyrics have a Catholic inspiration. It's a song to be discovered musically in its entirety. The melodic parts are intertwined with more progressive parts."

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