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  • Jason Hesley

Italian metal legends Lacuna Coil announce the release and started the pre-order of “Comalies XX”.

This is not just a re-recording, but an entire deconstructed and remade version of their third full-length record, “Comalies”, which was originally published in 2002.

Now, 20 years later, this undeniably anthemic Millennial classic in a new guise – produced by Marco Coti Zelati & mixed by Marco Barusso – will be released on October 14th, 2022, through Century Media Records.

To serve a first impression of the new “Comalies XX”, LACUNA COIL present the first single and video for “Tight Rope XX”, directed by Trilathera.

By following this link HERE: you can check out the new video, listen to digital version of “Tight Rope XX” on your favorite streaming platform and pre-order your copy of “Comalies XX”.

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