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  • Jason Hesley

Italian band Nekromantas releases "Hades of the Unseen"

Emerging from Italy, Nekromantas crafts a spectral symphony with their album "Hades of the Unseen." The self-released offering channels the essence of 90s Black Symphonic Metal, reminiscent of iconic bands like early Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. The album serves as an homage to this revered era, with evocative synths and hauntingly aggressive melodies guiding listeners into a realm of romantic darkness. The synergy of Antonio La Camera's multi-faceted instrumental prowess, Lord Malygris's captivating vocal and keyboard harmonies, and the ethereal tones of Countess Liverchard, creates a mesmerizing soundscape. Recorded at Ideo Studios in Messina and mixed and mastered by Antonio La Camera himself, "Hades of the Unseen" is a compelling nod to the blackened symphonic tales of yesteryears, aligning Nekromantas with the pantheon of legendary acts such as Emperor and Dimmu Borgir.

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