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  • Jason Hesley

It's Time... for a brand new album from Undeath!

UNDEATH are back with their sophomore album… and it’s a ripper! It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave will be released on April 22 and the first single, Rise From The Grave, is premiering via Sirius XM right now. Not signed up to Sirius XM already? No worries - they offer a free trial when you sign up or a free 24hr preview!

Guitarist, Kyle Beam says: “Rise from the Grave is Undeath refined to its deadliest aspects. Blood curdling vocals, bonesaw guitars, slamming bass, and skull crushing drums, fused with a focused hook that brings the decayed mass together as a banging death metal track. We hope you all enjoy, bang your head and scream along”. The accompanying video will premiere on Wednesday - bookmark THIS LINK to be the first to see this horror show of a music video when it drops.

It’s Time... To Rise from the Grave, shows the reconfigured quintet—Kyle Beam (guitars), Alexander Jones (vocals), Tommy Wall (bass), Jared Welch (guitars) and Matt Browning (drums)—have retained their mind-infecting sonic savagery but weren’t satisfied in their pursuit to improve it through wicked (yet studied) reformulation. It's Time... To Rise from the Grave isn’t just an early contender for death metal album of 2022—it’s destined to be a modern-day classic.

We could barely keep the vinyl variants of Lesions Of A Different Kind in stock when we first announced their debut, so we’ve come prepared for this one. It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave comes in eight vinyl variants, two cassette variants, on CD and of course digitally. PRE-ORDERS ARE LIVE!

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