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  • Jason Hesley

Israeli metalcore warriors CANINE share new single "Causality"

Israeli metalcore warriors CANINE are now streaming their latest single, "Causality". This is the second of many planned singles, leading up to their second full-length, Perception, due out early 2024. Stream the new single here: The band comments on the single: “‘Causality’ deals with cause and effect, what you do and how you do it will impact your life. For us, it's about fighting our doubts, trusting our close circle, and leaving a mark on the world."

As CANINE breaks new ground and forges ahead in their career, they do so with a sense of determination and defiance. Throughout 2023, the band will explore through their music themes of addiction, depression, the weaponized power of religion. But most significantly, CANINE explore the importance chasing your dreams no matter the circumstances, trusting in your friends and loved ones and never backing down. After 4 years of intense work in the studio, experimenting with different production methods and recording techniques, as well as many personal hurdles, their sophomore album was born and will be released in 2024 marking a new page in the band's career, both sonically and aesthetically.

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