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  • Jason Hesley

Israel’s StormbounD Shares A Tale of Perseverance w/ Music Video “Child's Play”

StormbounD, symphonic metal from Israel, have been hard at work to deliver their debut album “December” and now with the release of their fourth single, it is almost time for the album’s long-awaited release. The single “Child's Play” is one of nine precisely woven stories that reflect on real-world experiences set to fantastical music.

The band explains in their own words:

“The lyrics on the album tell some interesting stories, some more personal and some global, convey some harsh messages and themes, and deliver a wide array of emotions. We did our best to bring all of that into a cohesive musical environment within the realm of metal. 'Child's Play' is about the victory of creation, the libidinal energy and one's motivation over negativity and scorn."

StormbounD cites that it was a long writing process to get the exact sound that they wanted but they are very pleased with the result and its unique atmosphere and depth. For them, their main focus is on the experience they provide for the listener. It’s about the music, not egos.

Together since 2018, StormbounD has been working hard to make their name known in the local scene by playing many live shows, most recently opening for Epica in Tel Aviv this past June, along with national festivals including Metal 4 Peace and Israeli Metal Fest, they have also had their songs top local metal charts.

“December” is a diverse, and melodic prophecy of wrath with epic highs, and despondent lows. StormbounD masterfully takes symphonic metal to new heights while staying grounded in their roots and remaining accessible. They recommended listening for fans of Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Delain.

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