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  • Jason Hesley

Israel’s Sinnery Present A Refreshingly Bold Metal Attack With “Black Bile”

Sinnery’s lyrics come from very different places but on this record, vocalist/guitarist Alon Karnieli really focused on inner feelings and inner demons. The overarching lyrical concept for the album was to touch and exaggerate everything that is bad within them and show it out in the open. They expand on this in relation to the single:

““Black Bile” was picked to be our title track since the whole concept of the album is represented in the lyrics, it talks about killing the worst in yourself, all while keeping the finger pointed at the one who’s to blame - yourself. While musically “Black Bile” also represents what we love about modern metal and the essence of what our music turned out to be. It’s a heavy, upbeat banger that keeps attacking you right until the very end of the song.”

Musically, the album delivers what metal/rock fans want. Heavy riffs, high energy, melodies, and a great production that makes the passion and musicianship shine through. Each song is a story, and together they make a cohesive album that is non-stop headbanging from start to finish.

Sinnery is dramatic and extreme, their refreshing sound is recommended for fans of Testament, The Haunted, and Sylosis.

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