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  • Jason Hesley

Irrseele release "Wahn & Wehmut"

Irrseele stands for dark poetic black metal: musically rough in one moment and atmospherically dense in the next. Thus, the album "Wahn & Wehmut", which was released in February 2023, on the one hand ties in with the unpolished origins of Scandinavian black metal of the 90s, but on the other hand also creates gloomy-depressive soundscapes.

The lyrics of the nine tracks on the album are written in German and deal with the unfathomable secrets of nature, the dark abysses of the human soul and the beauty that can arise from melancholy.

Irrseele sees itself in the tradition of "Black Romanticism", which since the end of the 18th century has primarily placed the terrible, the dark and the inexplicable at the center of literature and art. The solo project focuses on the creation of a very personal work without creative compromise.

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