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  • Jason Hesley

IRON KINGDOM Unveil Album Artwork, Track Listing And Release Date For "The Blood of Creation"

Vancouver, Canada's IRON KINGDOM has been slicing and shredding NWOTHM anthems for metal fans for over a decade since their inception in 2011. The band will be unleashing their fifth studio album "The Blood of Creation" this coming fall on November 4th and they are excited to share its cover artwork and track listing listed below along with the record's teaser at

"This album is quite dark topically, the lyrics speak of war, fear, sacrifice, and pain, and the music although very classical and explorative also has some very evil moments throughout. We were in a dark place due to the pandemic and the music reflects some of those emotions." adds guitarist/vocalist Chris Osterman.

Track Listing:

1. Tides Of Desolation – 1:13

2. Sheathe The Sword – 5:25

3. Queen Of The Crystal Throne – 4:58

4. Hunter And Prey – 5:25

5. Witching Hour – 5:44

6. In The Grip Of Nightmares – 5:23

7. Primordial – 1:40

8. The Blood Of Creation – 13:38

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