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  • Jason Hesley

Introducing, "Thy Grave"

The band Thy Grave was born in Russia in December 2012 and was formed by like-minded people scattered around the vast country (Vladivostok, Moscow, Penza). The initial ideology of the band was to play primitive and rabid sludge in the spirit of Loinen and Khanate. Guitars were not used in the records, only bass and a lot of distortion with bastard vocals.

In June 2013 the project released its debut work "Anhedonia". The bass-saturated hate was cooked on a slow fire and divided into 4 parts. In addition to that there were recorded covers - one to the USA band with an interesting name "Terminator 2" (sludge noise) "No Teeth", the second one to Loinen - hypnotic track "Liha". The album came out thanks to the efforts of the Addicted label (NoName) in CD format in December of the same year, the design was done by Denis Mati. All tracks, including covers, were released under a free Creative Commons Attribution license.

The collaboration with the Finns did not end there - the musicians agreed on a joint split. Thy Grave recorded two mid tempo militants, which told about the inner decomposition of mankind - spiritual and physical. Finns offered an experimental stoner rock with the label SixPackGods. The work was sent to the Addicted label (NoName), where they suggested adding the band Torf to this short split. The split saw the light of day in early 2015. The artwork was done by Greger Grönholm.

At the beginning of 2014 the line-up of the band changed - Røt left the project because of his place of residence (Vladivostok), which did not imply joint activities and performances. In the summer a new member, Ira (bass), joined the band. In this line-up at the end of the year the demo "Talvisaatana" was released, which included recordings from rehearsals and a live version of the track Satanic Dark Hall.

In 2015 a split with Irish project Fuckhammer was released. The material from the split included 3 tracks, one of which was a new recording of the song "Abomination", sung by Digger. Later the split was released by Bad Road in 60 copies on cassette tape. Layout: Greger Grönholm.

Also this year, with the support of Weedbeast, the band went on their first tour with comrades-in-arms Illegal Ones, where they rolled through eight glorious cities of Russia.

2016 was a year of creative lull. Rethinking of the ideas after the tour began to be manifested by the appearance of electric guitars in the band. Max (Drunk Shaman, Igor, Roswell Surgery) was invited to strengthen the line-up.

In September 2018 the recording of the new album began, old school doom sludge is expected from the work.

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