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  • Jason Hesley

Introducing Panzer Kunst!

Panzer Kunst is an American extreme metal band from Kansas City, MO formed in 2020. Panzer Kunst’s line-up consists of founding members guitarist Hank Zerbe, drummer Jason Khomsi, and bassist Matthew Khomsi. Vocalist Allen Gingerich joined in 2021.

PanzerKunstreleased their debut single in May 2022; recorded, mixed, and mastered by Eric Graves (guitarist for The Esoteric on Prosthetic Records and Theta on Translation Loss Records) at The Gravy Cave in Lawrence, KS. Their single, Lake of Oblivion, distinguishes itself by its unique time signatures, polyrhythmic elements layered with haunting atmospherics. This innovative music style leverages down-tuned seven-string guitars blended with complex song structures. Panzer Kunst continues to establish themselves as a significant act in extreme underground music.Prior Accolades Rhythmic duo, Jason and Matthew Khomsi are no stranger to attention. Their prior band, Wrath and Ruin (WAR) co-headlined shows with numerous illustrious bands, the Swedish titans Katatonia, Skeletonwitch, Born of Osiris, Unearth, Tesseract, Trivium, DRI, and Junius to name a few. WAR’s debut album received a prominent review in the print edition of Decibel. Further, they have shared stages with many regionally famous bands such as Origin, Troglodyte, Dysrhythmia, Ether, Beneath Oblivion, and Hammerlord among many others.It’s no surprise that as soon as Panzer Kunst announced their debut, they amassed over 5,000 followers in their first 3 days on Facebook.

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