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  • Jason Hesley

Introducing "No Sun Rises"

Anyone who takes a look at the current global situation will quickly realize that this world is fucked. No Sun Rises are of the same opinion, and with their music they have made it their task to create an emotional outlet for this place. A place where the sun never rises.. Since their formation in 2015, No Sun Rises has already shared the stage with bands, such as Dawn Ray'd, Celeste, Ancst and many more.

After some line-up changes, the band returned to full strength in 2021 and started a new chapter in their history. During the pandemic, the five musicians started working on their first album with the new formation. In May 2023 the new album titled "Harmisod" was finally recorded at Sunsetter Studio in Bremen.

The new musical approach of the band is darker, more aggressive and has noticeably more Black Metal influences. Still, enough atmospheric and also quieter parts are taken up, which provide variety and characterized No Sun Rises already in the past. Musically torn between despair and darkness, but also moments of hope, "Harmisod" takes the listener on a cathartic journey. The created atmosphere is complemented by the coherent artwork, which was once again designed by Nimmermehr Artworks. Also the band´s joy for experimentation remained and so again several guest musicians, American Folk influences and dark accoustic sounds can be found on the new LP.

What also remained is the understanding of No Sun Rises as a political, anti-fascist band. And as long as there are times in which NSBM, sympathies or ties to the aforementioned scene and a sheer confusing gray area exist, nothing will change about that.

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