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  • Jason Hesley

Introducing Italian Black Metal band "Malauriu"

Italian black metal is a reality that cannot be any longer ignored. Since the end of the '70s, pioneering acts such as Death SS have anticipated the first wave influence of seminal acts such as Venom. During the following decade again Bulldozer and Necrodeath have shown the way next to key bands such as Bathory, Celtic Frost, and the German thrash wave of Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction. Whilst Norway was vomiting Mayhem and Darkthrone, Italy had Mortuary Drape.
From the last century to the new millennium Italy has spawned incredible bands often forgotten in the deepest underground, shooting stars from the darkest firmament. 

2023 the tradition is alive, Italian black metal keeps leaving the mark on the scene. In June this year, the juggernauts Malauriu and the game changing Lykten will be releasing their split album, celebrating over forty years of history. On one hand Malauriu finding inspiration in the roots of the genre, after many no compromise works in their career. On the other the Lykten project, hailing from Sicily, and paying tribute with their uncompromising attitude. 

To be unleashed in CD/MC format, available from June 16th.
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