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Introducing Cynik Scald!

Cynik Scald are a Cyprus based multicultural heavy metal/Melodic Metalcore band with own lyrics and music. 

With all respect to the traditional heavy metal we are making really modern and progressive sound. 


1. Ivan – was born in Russia, by heart he’s Viking. Founder, lead vocalist, song-writer and composer .

2. “Death” – nobody knows his name, he is from Nevada. His addiction is freedom, roads and music. Keyboards, harmonica, backing vocals 

3. Kazuchiza - “Kaz” - from Japan –– guitar 

4. Azra from Turkey – guitar 

 5. Jean from France - bass 

The first bilingual album "AGED SPIRIT" was released on 27th of December 2019. Its name Aged Spirit means at the time Ancient Soul and Old Alcohol. The songs from this album are both in Russian and English. Recently some of songs from the first album were added to some top Spotify metal and rock playlists. 

The song ASGARD was out 24 July 2020. This song sounds like modern viking metal. The main character of the song is today’s person living regular life, who has lost his identity and he is trying to find himself in the world. 

Latest Release STORM featuring famous power heavy metal vocalist URBAN BREED is out on 2nd of October!!!

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