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  • Jason Hesley

Intrepid - Slaying of Sanity/Murder of Mind!

INTREPID has been bringing extreme metal to the people of Tallinn, Estonia since 2016. Formed when the members were just 15 years old, their first years of activity culminated in the 2017 EP “Empress of Devastation”, and their 2020 debut album, “Unused Imaginative Capacity”. Soon after, they started collaboration with Alexander & Gunter Ford (manager for acts such as Morbid Angel, Nile) through the company Knife Fight Media. Known locally for their very intense live performances, Intrepid had the privilege to embark on their first European tour in 2023, alongside death metal powerhouses Monstrosity and Origin, to promote their next EP, “Slaying of Sanity/Murder of Mind”, which featured a guest appearance from the legendary bassist Steve Di Giorgio (Sadus, Testament, ex-Death, ex-Control Denied).

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