• Jason Hesley

INTOLERANT: Italian war metal duo premieres debut album "Primal Future"

Italian chaos mongers INTOLERANT will release the debut album "Primal Future" on 27th November 2020 via Time To Kill Records.

On the eve of the official release, the following media partners are hosting an advance stream of the album:

Metal Roos (AUS)

Metal Addicts (BA)

Grimm Gent (BE)

Friedhof (ES)

Truemetal (IT)

Arrow Lords of Metal (NL) (NO)

Dargedik (PE)

The Razors Edge (UK)

"Primal Future" tracklist:

01. Bastard Humans

02. Ode To Virus

03. Post-atomic Satanic Whores

04. Demonic Battle Beasts Of Victory

05. Primal Future

06. Eternal Radioactive Darkness

07. Attack!

08. Dishonor Blood With Blood

09. From Nuclear Power To Spiked Bats

10. Intolerance

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