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  • Jason Hesley

International heavy/deathmetallers HELESTIOS attack with “In Cage” single, announce sophomore album!

HELESTIOS are an international metal band based in London, England.

They started in 2020, soon releasing their debut “Your Pain Tastes Good”.

2 years and a bit after their first album Helestios have released their first single “In Cage” from their upcoming album “Road To Ecstasy” that's coming onto surface later this year.

It is a reflection on last couple of years events that were happening and got involved willingly or unwillingly majority of people. In their second studio album they keep exploring and merging metal genres together in their own unique character and sound.

The uncompromising and sometimes uncensored lyrics wrapped in rather nordic death metal growls, riffs filled with high octane energy, the rhythm changes, blasts and guitar solo virtuoso are few elements to describe their upcoming album.

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