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  • Jason Hesley

INTERLOPER - release new single, 'Sanctum'!

Progressive heavy metal vehicle, ​INTERLOPER is proud to reveal their newest offering in the form of the single, 'Sanctum'.

The 6-minute banger is a mix of the band's more technical elements and its very melodic guitar approach. 'Sanctum' is a glimpse into a new era of INTERLOPER.

Andrew Virrueta comments, "We present to you our newest song, 'Sanctum'! We’re extremely excited about having this song finally out. It is a step in a heavier direction, as well as a more progressive direction. We hope you love it! Thanks so much for sticking around with our ever-evolving music. We are always trying to push the boundaries with what is conventional, and we feel this song really showcases the full spectrum of what we are capable of. “

Stream 'Sanctum' here:

Check out the 'Sanctum' guitar playthrough here:

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