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  • Jason Hesley

Inter Arma share music video for “Concrete Cliffs”, release limited edition shirt to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Virginia.

New HeavenInter Arma’s anticipated new album (out April 26th on Relapse Records), is a compelling testament to perseverance, top to bottom. Its thicket of ever-dense layers of doom, death, and black metal occasionally let bits of light slip in, fleeting reminders to keep going amid the tumult.  The record marks a sharp turn for Inter Arma, showcasing some of the most extreme and angular songwriting the band has ever laid bare. Known for their cinematic take on sludgy, extremely cavernous and borderline psychedelic Metal, the Richmond band broadens their dynamics by seesawing between piledriving momentum and swirling oblivion.  New Heaven crushes and conquers, and illustrates what Inter Arma can truly be.

The push-and-pull between finesse and force is New Heaven’s hallmark, the quality that makes it such an electrifying and compulsive listen. “Concrete Cliffs”—  which premieres today— is one of Inter Arma’s most magnetic songs to date, with its forlorn riffs pulled tight until it catches like razor wire. The band seesaws between piledriving momentum and swirling oblivion, as if always trying to find some new path ahead out of unceasing trouble. It is a note to self to stay alive, to see what else may be in store.  Inter Arma's TJ Childers comments, "While sonically 'Concrete Cliffs' doesn’t exactly traverse any new terrain in the Inter Arma universe-psychedelia, one note knuckle dragger riffs and Lizzy-esque harmony guitars-it marks the first time we’ve ever gone after a harsh verse/melodic chorus dichotomy within a song. It’s kind of a classic metal recipe that we put our own fucked up spin on. Hope ya’ll dig it."

Additionally, Inter Arma have dropped a limited edition "Concrete Cliffs" t-shirt of which 10% of proceeds go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Virginia

Childers says, “We are releasing a 'Concrete Cliffs' t-shirt today to coincide with the release of the song and music video. It’s limited to 200 pieces and 10% of the proceeds of each t-shirt sale will be donated to NAMI Virginia to help ensure that all Virginians continue to have access to mental health resources if and when they need it. Thank you.”  Order the "Concrete Cliffs" t-shirt from

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