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  • Jason Hesley

Inter Arma Reveal “Desolation’s Harp”

As they prepare for the release of their highly anticipated new album, New HeavenInter Arma have released the album's third single "Desolation's Harp." 

 A transmission from an abyss of mental illness, the song showcases the push-and-pull between finesse and force that's the album's hallmark.  Guitarist Trey Dalton comments, "'Desolation's Harp' is basically our take on a straightforward 'metal' song, something very riff forward. We wanted to write something that felt like us but compact and edited without sacrificing the nuance or complexity. It has a lot of the hallmarks of us— slow riff over blast beat, discordance, and harmony guitars— but in a more concise final form. I'm stoked on our flirtation with brevity, and we hope you are too."

Set for release next Friday on Relapse Records, New Heaven  is a compelling testament to perseverance, top to bottom. Its thicket of ever-dense layers of doom, death, and black metal occasionally let bits of light slip in, fleeting reminders to keep going amid the tumult.  The record marks a sharp turn for Inter Arma, showcasing some of the most extreme and angular songwriting the band has ever laid bare. Known for their cinematic take on sludgy, extremely cavernous and borderline psychedelic Metal, the Richmond band broadens their dynamics by seesawing between piledriving momentum and swirling oblivion.  New Heaven crushes and conquers, and illustrates what Inter Arma can truly be.

Additionally, Inter Arma will play New Heaven in full today at Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, the Netherlands— see them at the Terminal at 6:40.

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