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  • Jason Hesley

Instrumental Duo STELLAR DEATH To Release "Sentient (Chapter 1)" EP!

Bravemusic presents a new instrumental EP entitled Sentient (Chapter 1) by Washington, DC-based STELLAR DEATH. This EP is the first part of a series of recordings which will ultimately culminate into a collection of songs based on a thematic exploration of consciousness within the universe.

Sentient (Chapter 1) showcases an aggressive musical energy, but is tempered by more ambient/lush passages representing cosmic polarity and self-reflection. STELLAR DEATH leverage a plethora of influences, from old school death metal, modern post-rock, and various cinematic soundtracks to create a unique fusion of music that focuses on astronomical and philosophical themes.

Sentient (Chapter 1) is due out on June 10.


1) Emergence

2) I Am

3) Capacity to Suffer

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