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  • Jason Hesley

Insane Hell releases "Faith Deceivers," a single featuring Alex Kafer (The Troops Of Doom)!

The Brazilian thrash metal band based in São Paulo, Insane Hell, has released its highly anticipated second single, "Faith Deceivers', marking a new chapter in its musical and artistic evolution.

Amidst the flourishing Brazilian thrash scene over the past decade, the quintet, currently comprised of Neskau Magnarello (vocals, RxUxA, ex-Megaforce, Sensimilla Dub), Michel Soria (guitar, ex-Neurônios Alucinados), Césinha (guitar), Luciano Meira (bass), and Crisolito Reis (drums, ex-Hellcrusher), emerges as a prominent example of this vitality.

With only four years of history, facing numerous challenges, style changes, and lineup shifts during the pandemic period, the band has embraced the essence of old-school Thrash Metal, with nuances of Crossover and Hardcore, completely abandoning the acidic roots of its Black Metal beginnings.

For this triumphant return with a new and solid lineup, the single "Faith Deceivers" featuring the brutal participation of Alex Kafer (vocals, The Troops Of Doom) in a captivating duet with Neskau Magnarello, was made available on all digital platforms on Friday, May 10th.

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