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  • Jason Hesley

INSAMMER one of Sweden's most promising metal bands releases new album ‘Black Art’

Swedish rockers INSAMMER has released a new album called ‘Black Art’. A masterpiece of 11 tracks of total guitar and drums madness, filled with moments of relentless energy throwing back to their punk and rock roots to visionary moments of modern alternative.

INSAMMER vocalist Vika says: “Our third album ‘Black Art’ is a powerful and strong statement of the modern world. We spent almost a year in the studio during pandemic period, we wrote over 40 songs and had to choose from them. We took 11 tracks of pure rock vibrations with excellent lyrics to rock the house. For the first time in our career, we truly put it all out there. The album's lead single, "Black Art", is about dark times on the internet and hard situations on the political stage. We are all in the process of transformation”.

‘Black Art’ track listing:

1 Prophecy

2 Fly Away

3 Black Art

4 World Wide Web

5 No One Is Saving You

6 Endless Sky

7 Vampires

8 Guardian Angel

9 What a Gift

10 Vikings

11 Forgive a Girl

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