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  • Jason Hesley

Infinite Exile release "War Is Here" music video!

Perth rising metal stars INFINITE EXILE kick off 2022 with a brand new song "WAR IS HERE" which was released last week. The new track is indicative of a heavier direction from their previous material, delving further into the bands unique sound, constantly evolving and never once following a trend.

On the new video for “War Is Here”, the band states: “This video is us introducing ourselves to the world, our energy, our emotion, and our passion. We wanted to launch hard and make a statement with this new single, and we decided that the best way to convey how strongly we feel about the current situation around the world was to back the single up with a video that captures who we are. We teamed up with Joe from Dark Spirit Photography and fleshed out our vision for the clip, and he brought to life the rawness and anger that inspired this track. This is us in our truest form, and our message is clear. Wake up, war is here.” On the new song “War Is Here”, the band comments: “War Is Here is us at our fastest and most aggressive. 2022 is a new era for the band, we’ve never been more focused and determined, and we really wanted to come out of the gate swinging with a statement piece that encapsulates what a lot of us are feeling right now with the current political climate worldwide. There’s so much anxiety, confusion and division, and this song speaks about that, and we believe it succinctly portrays our thoughts and feelings on the subject”.

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