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  • Jason Hesley

Inferno Metal Festival 2024 reveal full line-up!

Inferno Metal Festival have just revealed the last names for the 2024 edition. With the addition of TAAKE, ORBIT CULTURE, MADDER MORTEM, SHAVING THE WEREWOLF, BLODKVALT and SELVFORAKT, the line-up is now complete. Iconic black metal formation Taake are celebrating thirty years of Norwegian black metal and has just released their eighth album, ”Et hav av avstand.” Taake has always maintained the banner of Norwegian black metal high and stayed true to their style. While faithful to the true spirit of black metal, Taake has never been afraid to surprise and incorporate new elements into their music. This will be Taake’s sixth appearance at Inferno Metal Festival!

Melodic death metallers Orbit Culture (SE) will play their first ever show at Inferno, experimental metal band Madder Mortem (NO) and hardcore act Shaving the Werewolf (NO) will surprise the audience with their genre bending and intense life performances. Oslo-based extreme metal /punk band Blodkvalt are known for the fresh air they bring in the Norwegian metal scene. Last but not least, Selvforakt hailing from Tromsø, create a sonic landscape that mirrors the harsh and unforgiving nature of the region. The band debuted with their self-titled album earlier this year, gaining recognition in underground circles.

Check out Infero Metal Festival’s full line-up below.

Dimmu Borgir, Taake, At the Gates, Kampfar, Candlemass, Borknagar, Sólstafir, Finntroll, Me and That Man, Carpathian Forest, Cattle Decapitation, Cynic, Nordjevel, Orbit Culture, Winterfylleth, Keep of Kalessin, Vltimas, Arthur Brown, Misþyrming, Saor, Mantar, Koldbrann, Konvent, Khold, Crypta, Signs of the Swarm, Bell Witch, Extermination Dismemberment, Dödsrit, Madder Mortem, Dwaal, Void ov

Voices, Jo Quail, Orm, Phantom Fire, Tilintetgjort, Umbra Conscientia, In Twilight’s Embrace, 200 Stab Wounds, Automaton, Befouled, Vorga, Zustand Null, Forcefed Horsehead, Shaving the Werewolf, Tusmørke, Visegard, Imbalance, Nakkeknaekker, Celestial Scourge, Deception, Vomit Forth, Horrifier, H.P. Doomcraft, Inchoation, Terminal, , Blodkvalt, Selvforakt, Deathbarrel

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