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  • Jason Hesley

INFECTING THE SWARM Release Pulsing Coalescence on Lacerated Enemy Records!

Germany’s Infecting the Swarm returns with its third offering of blasts, dissonance, and brutality. Pulsing Coalescence boasts 9 frenzied and guttural tracks intent on ripping flesh from bone.

Formed as a solo project, Infecting the Swarm now features a full line up which only furthers the intensity of their style of violent and technical brutal death metal.

This new level of ferocity is evident on the album’s first two singles, "Apothesis Through Excruciation“ and "Anomalous.“ Check them out at

Pulsing Coalescence is out on April 14 on Lacerated Enemy Records. Order the album at

Tracklist :

1. Irrlichter

2. Anthropogenic Misconception

3. Pulsing Coalescence

4. Virulent Hybridization

5. Apotheosis Through Excruciation

6. Anomalous

7. Metamorphotic Convulsions

8. Echoes of Disintegration

9. Remnants of Irreverent Atrocities

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