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  • Jason Hesley

Indonesia's Perveration unleash their new album of utter brutality - Putrefaction Of Infinite Apogee

Following in the infected wake of its depraved predecessor, Perversion In Manifest Disease, the second album from Indonesia’s Perveration approaches; scuttling on twisted limbs and wrapped in a cloak of nightmares. Featuring ten new songs of impossible brutality and disturbing wickedness, Putrefaction Of Infinite Apogee is a mausoleum of horrors, a prophetic monument to the ultimate destination for the rapidly sickening human race.

While that 2021 debut album had established Perveration as a violent entity, not to be trifled with, their true potential remained obscured by layers of filth and degradation – a monster viewed through a glass darkly, its grisly form merely hinted at. Putrefaction Of Infinite Apogee smashes through that dividing wall, showering us in blinding shards and unleashing a flood of gore, a boiling black sea of disgust and despair. Our faces are ground into the warped reality of terrifying songs like ‘Abominable Dismembered’, a collection of fetid riffs assembled into a form that exudes pure wrongness. The savagery and intensity of ‘Devouring Voraciously’ or ‘Infernal Apogee’ are staggering, but it’s that sense of the unnatural that haunts the psyche. Perveration have summoned sounds from an otherworld beyond the farthest boundaries of sanity, decency and compassion; from a pit of sickness that humanity is crawling hungrily towards with empty eyes and slavering jaws.

Only the sinister vaults of Comatose Music could hold the ravenous death lust of Perveration and it is they who will unleash Putrefaction Of Infinite Apogee into the world on February 2nd. The album has been given unholy power by the mixing and mastering skills of Indra Cayha – responsible for drawing out the worst excesses from the likes of Anthropophagus Depravity and Demented Heart – and has been adorned in the grisly visions of artist Rudi Gorging Suicide, a conjurer of dread effigies for Fleshhoarder, Devangelic, Desecrate The Faith and many more. There is no way to prepare for the onslaught to come; just sit and shake and know that your end is nigh.

Consume the rotten savagery of Putrefaction Of Infinite Apogee at Slam Worldwide! First single 'Chaotic Spreading' streaming now!

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