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  • Jason Hesley

INDOMINION release 'K I N E T I C / P S Y C H L E S'

In the deep of the sonic abyss, where harmony collides with brutality, resides a lone soul who has transcended conventional boundaries to craft a musical universe entirely his own. This is the story of Shawn Raymond, a visionary solo metal musician and composer who has awakened the metal scene through innovative off-time signatures, fusion of classical guitar elegance with seismic slicing brutal riffs, and an ability to weave tales of the human experience through deeply introspective lyrics.

Currently working on the "Arcanum" album. Tracks are being released in singles through all major music distribution services as of August 22nd, 2023 with touring to begin in 2024. Please check

for the most up to date announcements regarding INDOMINION.

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