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  • Jason Hesley

Incandesca release info on new concept album Destronomer!

Alien Swarm Records is pleased to announce Modern Metal outfit Incandesca will be releasing their new concept album Destronomer across most major platformson 4/21/2023. The album is the bands first official release with Alien Swarm Records. Below is a synopsis of the albums concept, Cover Art and track listing. The first single from the album will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Track Listing is as Follows:

1. Broadcast To The Stars 01:11

2. To Infinity, and Your Mom! 03:16

3. It's The End Of The World (And We Blew It!) 04:52

4. Doomsayer's Prayer 05:16

5. Write Me Out 03:36

6. Journey Of The Nebulus Spheres 04:00

7. Gravity Bleed 06:02

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