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  • Jason Hesley

In Somnia release the video for, "Breathing Soil"

The band comments about the "Breathing Soil" video:

"The track describes the worthlessness of words as they only serve to vibrate the air and that a thinking and reflecting person carries words in itself, but these are not audible, because his/her lungs are filled with the dirt of others."

IN SOMNIA is a PROGRESSIVE MODERN METAL quartet from the picturesque Tyrolean mountains, blending influences from all modern Metal styles into a unique, dark sound.

While the lyrics deal with traumas and philosophical thoughts, the instrumentation is catchy and complex at the same time.

With the support of film music composer Christoph Manucredo, the ambitious visionaries have managed to combine brute force with a certain gloomy atmosphere, which flows into the diverse overall sound through the Groove and Core Metal influences of drummer Dominic Granegger and Djent influences of bassist Florian Bacher.

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