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  • Jason Hesley

Impure Wilhelmina Streaming New EP "Dead Decades"

IMPURE WILHELMINA are no strangers to reinvention. For the past 25 years, the Geneva quartet have rolled hardcore riffs, velveteen cleans, atmospheric sludge and gloomy melodies into post-metal that's as sharp and versatile as a Swiss Army Knife.

Now, Impure Wilhelmina are breathing new life into several time-worn classics. 'Dead Decades' flips the smoky, after-dark romance of "La Javanaise" into a lovestruck indie rock triumph, while also paying a faithfully mind-bending tribute to King Crimson.

'Dead Decades' comes out this Friday, October 6. Their new EP also includes a cover of The Cure, plus two unreleased songs from the recording sessions for Impure Wilhelmina's latest album 'Antidote'.

Listen to all of 'Dead Decades' a few days early over on our YouTube channel.

“We'd been wanting to record some covers for a long time," says Impure Wilhelmina. "The opportunity came in 2022 after the forced cancellation of a European tour at the end of the pandemic. We chose three songs that we all love, released during three different decades - 60s, 70s and 80s - and all three are very far removed from our usual sound. Two previously unreleased tracks from the 'Antidote' album sessions complete the EP. The record has a very strong nostalgic vibe, and we're particularly proud of the result. Enjoy our Dead Decades!”

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