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  • Jason Hesley

IMMORTALIZER unveil artwork for their upcoming album “Born For Metal”

Canadian Heavy/Power Metal band IMMORTALIZER, have unveiled the artwork and track listing for their upcoming album “Born For Metal” !!

Multi-instrumentalist Dave D.R., founder of IMMORTALIZER, will be releasing his debut album “Born For Metal” very soon! The album is mixed, mastered and engineered by the great Ralf Scheepers (of PRIMAL FEAR) who is also featured on the song “We Were Born For Metal”! Artwork by Jobert Mello (SledgehammerGraphix).

“Born For Metal” track list is:

1. Out In The Streets

2. Cut Loose

3. We Were Born For Metal

4. Lemmy

5. Back In Time

6. Gone To Hell

7. Can’t Let Go

8. The Immortalizer

9. I’m Gone

10. The Fallen

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