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Irish Vikings REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS Release Epic Saga, New Album "Helgafjell (Holy Mountain)", Out Today!

The wait is over! Today, March 29th, Irish Vikings REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS unleash their epic new saga "Helgafjell (Holy Mountain)" via Wormholedeath Records, available now on all digital platforms at !

"Helgafjell," The Sacred Peak, isn't just an album; it's a tribute, a myth, a journey through time and legend. Every track in this album is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, drawing inspiration from the depths of Norse Mythology, with an unwavering commitment to historical accuracy and mythological authenticity. "Helgafjell" is a soul-stirring tribute to Ren’s Father, Micka, who passed away in September 2022. It delves into themes of Life, Death, and the Norse Mythology Afterlife. The track "Holy Mountain" is a powerful homage to Ren’s Dad, a true warrior with a lion's heart, now residing in the glorious Norse Afterlife, ‘The Holy Mountain’ – a place of eternal bliss for the righteous.

Every aspect of the album, from its evocative artwork by the talented Terence McCann of Blackdog Graphic Design to the captivating photography of Kathleen Curran, has been woven together with precision and passion. Ren Marabou himself has masterfully orchestrated the recording, mixing, and mastering of all tracks at Skåld Studios, ensuring that each note resonates with the spirit of the Norse legends.

The album 'Helgafjell' features an epic tracklist that reads like a saga:

1. The Journeys of Rig

2. Ran’s Hall

3. The Price of Glory

4. Curse Striker

5. Gramr the Bloodstained Beast

6. In the Hall of Gimle

7. Live and die by the sword (Einherjar)

8. The Duel of flint and steel

9. Idunn the Ever Young

10. Holy Mountain (Helgafjell)

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