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  • Jason Hesley

IATT release Servitude/Subjugate tour video!

IATT - Servitude, Subjugate Official Tour Video (Join or Die 2022 Tour BTS) : Press Release On the heels of our successful Fall run (the Join or Die Tour 2022), we decided to create a mini tour doc highlighting some of our adventures during our 4 day excursion. We had such an awesome time sharing the stage with our tour mates Blasphemous, and wanted to give a behind the scenes look into IATT’s time on the road. We chose to highlight our experience set to the backdrop of Servitude, Subjugate - a track off our 2022 album Magnum Opus that we pulled out specifically to showcase live on this run. The song itself is an aggressive opener and sets the stage for the rest of Magnum Opus; an onslaught of fast, melodic blackened madness peppered with poignant classical elements (violin featuring Ben Karas) and IATT’s signature prog spin. It was a fresh, aggressive way to start out our set each night, and the crowd response affirmed it was the right move.

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