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  • Jason Hesley

IAK Release Dark And Immersive "EYE(self)"

The highly immersive offering, "EYE(self)", from post/progressive metal outfit IAK is out now. Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, the band draw inspiration from an array of styles including post-hardcore, shoegaze, progressive and rock, also taking influence from artists such as CLOAKROOM, PILE, JAWBOX and INTRONAUT. 

Lynden Segura comments on the single and new beginnings: 

"This song tries to encapsulate the mindset of a narcissist who has had their ego shattered. The feeling of actual vulnerability, insecurity and distress weighing in at an uncontrollable pace. Flooding the mind with the reality of the heart. True fear.

With the three of us almost hanging it up after our last band split and our new bassist going through a similar situation, it feels reassuring when playing now knowing we made the right decision to move forward. This sound I think is internally how we felt moving on from it and where we are now because of it and we couldn't be more grateful. I’m looking forward to the future with these guys."

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